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The MoneyGram branch in the Rathaus Galerie Essen offers more than just withdrawing money. The US company is the world’s second-largest provider of international money transfers. Here, customers can withdraw money from foreign transfers and send it to foreign accounts. You will always receive expert advice free of charge.

Low fees

Most banks charge high fees for international transfers. This is why many people take a detour to save the high costs at their own bank. MoneyGram is the first choice for many, as the fees are a lot cheaper. The costs are always transparent and easy to understand. This means that customers do not have to risk any hidden costs.


You can send money to people abroad in MoneyGram branches. Various sources can be used for this purpose:

  • Debit/credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash
  • Mobile Wallet

The exchange rate

Transfers abroad must first be converted to the appropriate exchange rate. After all, the recipient receives the currency that is used in the country. MoneyGram always uses the current exchange rate. You can always find the current exchange rate for all available currencies on the MoneyGram website. Here you will also find all information about the transaction fees. If you prefer personal advice, our trained staff are of course also available in the store in the Rathaus Galerie Essen.

Fast bank transfer

When your transfer reaches its destination may vary depending on the country. However, the maximum duration of two days is not exceeded. Cash pick-ups and mobile wallet transfers are usually even delivered within minutes.

About the company

MoneyGram is one of the largest and oldest international money transfer companies. The company was founded in Texas in 1940 and is now represented in over 200 states with 347,000 sales outlets. Only reputable providers such as MoneyGram should be used, especially for large sums. With years of experience and a high level of expertise, your money is always in safe hands with MoneyGram.