House rules

Dear customers,

Our aim is to create an atmosphere in which you can feel at ease. For this reason, we have drawn up the following house rules for all our guests:

  1. For fire safety reasons, smoking is prohibited in the shopping streets and traffic routes of the Center Management Rathaus Galerie.
  2. Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in the catering establishments.
  3. Begging and peddling, as well as unnecessary stays are not permitted.
  4. The playing of music and the sale of goods of any kind are only permitted with the written approval of the center management. Written permission from the center management is required for the distribution of advertising material, the display of posters, customer surveys, photography, filming, etc.
  5. When using the elevators, priority must be given to disabled persons and visitors with baby carriages.
  6. Bicycles and motorcycles may not be driven or pushed through the shopping street. Roller skates, inline skates and skateboards are not permitted for safety reasons.
  7. Dogs must be kept on a leash. Soiling must be removed immediately by the dog owner.
  8. Sitting is only permitted on the benches provided for this purpose.
  9. Willful soiling, damage or misuse of Center facilities, including common areas such as toilets, first-aid rooms, etc., will be punished with a ban from the Center and a claim for damages.
  10. Remaining in the center after being asked to leave by the center management or its representatives may be prosecuted as trespassing.
  11. The instructions of the center management and security staff must be followed immediately.
  12. The behavior of our visitors must not hinder, inconvenience or endanger third parties. Violations may be punished as trespassing.
  13. The center is under video surveillance.

Thank you for your understanding!

Center Management
Town Hall Gallery Essen