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Are you looking for suitable furnishings and accessories for your new home? Or are you expecting a new baby and still need everything you need for your little darling? No matter what, HEMA offers you an extensive range of everything you need for your everyday life.

What makes us so special:

Since its foundation in 1926, HEMA has always done its best to make everyday necessities available to everyone, not only at a reasonable price but also sustainably and qualitatively. Over the years, HEMA has not only made it possible for people to take their leisure time and hobbies for granted, but has also continued to develop. To this day, we want to offer you everything that makes your heart beat faster and that you need to be happy in your life.

Whether it’s something for the household, decoration or for your hobbies and leisure time, you’ve come to the right place. And if you or your offspring need something new to wear, no problem. Because your HEMA in the Rathaus Galerie Essen can provide you with everything from party accessories to school and office supplies, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for here.