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Decathlon in the Rathaus Galerie Essen

Since 1966, Decathlon has embodied not only the sale of sporting goods, but also a dedication to an active lifestyle.

With an impressive presence of over 1,600 Decathlon stores worldwide, this brand is not only a global player in the sportswear sector, but has also found its way into the Rathaus-Galerie Essen . Decathlon offers you an incomparable shopping experience with high-quality sports equipment and innovative own brands.

Here at Decathlon you can not only shop, but also experience the vibrant spirit of a sporty lifestyle.

Sporty lifestyle with Decathlon: the offer

Decathlon’s selection covers a wide range of sports, A-Z .

Below is a brief overview.

  • Fishing
  • Badminton, ballet, basketball
  • Camping
  • Ice sports
  • Bicycle, Fitness
  • Golf
  • Bowling games, children’s sports, strength training,
  • Cross-country skiing Running
  • Athletics
  • Modern Dance, Jazz Dance
  • Nordic walking, walking
  • Table tennis, triathlon, gymnastics
  • Hiking – trekking, wakeboarding, water sports
  • Yoga

and many more. Visit us and let us advise you.

Browse and find your new sports equipment at Decathlon. Choose from a wide range of sports.

Commitment to innovation and passion

With a commitment to innovation and passion in the manufacture of clothing and equipment, Decathlon is more than just a retailer. Decathlon in the Rathaus Galerie Essen invites sports enthusiasts to discover their passion for sport and exercise.

In addition to sportswear, find products that are characterized by sustainable materials and a clear dedication to improving the sports experience. In addition to sporting goods, customers also buy a piece of Decathlon’s passionate sports culture here.

Experience it with us now:

  • Sports experience with a large selection of innovative sports articles
  • unbeatable prices in many sports
  • good quality from sustainable materials.