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Are you looking for an Asian restaurant in Essen city center that offers authentic Vietnamese specialties? Then Bamboo Chopsticks in the Rathaus Galerie Essen is just the place for you!

What makes Vietnamese cuisine so unique?

Vietnamese cuisine, which is characterized by Chinese and French influences due to colonialism, is full of variety. The cuisine thrives on its contrasts and diverse flavors. Pasta or rice are the basic ingredients for the individual dishes. Various vegetables, meat or seafood are served with it.

Vietnamese specialties

One of the restaurant’s most popular dishes is the traditional rice ribbon noodle soup, which is called Pho. It is the national dish of Vietnam and has its origins in the north of the country. The soup is popular throughout the day in Vietnam and is mainly eaten by the locals in the morning. The Bun Nam Bo rice noodles and the Goi Cuon filled rice paper rolls are also among Bamboo Chopstick’s most popular specialties.

You can also have the rice noodles, soup and many other culinary delights delivered to your home if you prefer to enjoy a cozy evening on the sofa. A trip to Vietnam and its food culture with Bamboo Chopsticks from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, the restaurant does not have a day off, so you can enjoy your meal every day.

Discover the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine for yourself. The traditional rice ribbon noodle soup Pho is a must-try.